VET by EHL Culinary Programme

Culinary Professional Diploma

First-class culinary environments demand perseverance, professional proficiency, and interpersonal prowess. Columbia Hotel Academy’s selection of 6-, 12- and 18-month Culinary Programmes have been thoughtfully cultivated to provide its graduates with these exact key tools necessary to not only survive, but thrive in top-standard kitchens, in terms of both operation and management. Blending knowledge-based with hands-on, skills-based learning, Columbia Hotel Academy’s recruits will – above all else – learn that at the heart of delivering exquisite culinary experiences is passion and pride, in oneself and one’s work.

18 months – 3 Certificates – 1 Diploma


Learning Methodology

The learning methodology for the certificate includes a blend of knowledge-based learning and skill-based learning. Delivery of knowledge will be facilitated through the use of blended learning using digital content disseminated via a learning management system (LMS). You will be required to prepare for class by engaging with the digital learning before going to class.

The foundational knowledge that has been acquired via the digital material will then be reinforced in class time via active learning activities organized by a facilitator. Guided practical sessions under the supervision of a hotel professional in a mock-up kitchen and restaurant environment, mock-up front-office, housekeeping and laundry environment will facilitate the acquisition of competencies. Processes and standards of operations will also be distributed digitally so that you will have constant access to those standards for review and learning.

Available Courses


Intermediate Certificate



After having acquired the skills to operate independently in the kitchen, you will be exposed to different types of cuisine and kitchen operations. This will then also be reinforced by a 3-month internship.

Course Duration

  • 3 months on theory and applications on campus
  • 3 months internship


  • Intermediate Culinary Techniques Theory
  • Introduction to Customer Service for Kitchen Staff
  • Intermediate Culinary Techniques Application
  • Kitchen Department Operations
  • Goods Management & Purchasing
  • Introduction to Office Tools
  • Food & Beverage Service
  • Applied English

Training resources,
equipment and environment

  • Classrooms with multimedia equipment
  • Kitchen storage and reception area
  • IT Application lab
  • Interactive F&B Application lab
  • Library and printing facilities
  • Internship hotel partner
  • Interactive demonstration kitchen

Learning References

All the learning material has been created by the faculty of EHL with some textbooks used as reference. The material will be distributed digitally to the you via the learning management system.

Admission Requirements

  • Min 18 years old by the beginning of the module
  • Secondary school leaving certificate
  • Foundation Vocational Education and Training by Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne module or minimum 1 year of relevant experience
  • Proof of English Language

Additional Information

Scheduling for on-campus studies
During the 3 months you will spend on campus in each module you will have to participate in the theory courses and applications which will run concurrently.

Having a full time job while studying at Columbia Hotel Academy
Our aim is to adapt the school schedule in order to allow our students to keep their job while studying at Columbia Hotel Academy

Diplomas & Certification
Vocational Education and Training by Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne globally recognized diploma

Jobs/Columbia Hotel Academy alumni
Once you become an C.H.A. alumni, you will have access to the winsedswiss talent platform which facilitates your connection with worldwide hospitality employers.

During the internship, you will work together with hospitality professionals following our guidelines that are correlated with the curriculum, in order to make sure you will spend time in all the relevant departments. You will be able to choose between our partner hotel and restaurants for your paid internship.

Range of assessments to challenge and develop the practical skills and theoretical knowledge. The assessments vary between:

  • written individual exams that take place online
  • practical exams
  • individual or group presentations

For Local Companies, training programme fees are subject to HRDA subsidization.

Fee Per Student €4,563

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