Columbia Hotel Academy – the first Hospitality Academy
opened with Winsedswiss Education Group in Cyprus

Columbia Hotel Academy is a pioneering champion of excellence in hospitality education.
Great things are to be expected when Swiss traditional quality and youthful enthusiasm come together in a partnership between winsedswiss education group (WEG) and Columbia Hotel Academy, under the license of VET by EHL.

École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) is the most prestigious hospitality education institution in the world.
Columbia Hotel Academy is open to anyone over 16 who wants to develop industry know-how, creativity,
emotional intelligence, critical thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. The VET by EHL programme
(Vocational Education and Training) is the most suitable course for becoming a great chef, a smiling
front-desk officer, a skilled restaurant manager, or an outstanding professional in hotel administration.
Whichever career path students choose, they will garner the experience of international standard luxury
services and become top specialists in the hospitality industry. They will leave the Columbia Hotel
Academy, with a guaranteed workplace within the industry, matching their acquired qualification.

Winsedswiss Education Group (Weg)

Winsedswiss educational group (World Institute of Service Education), with subsidiaries in Romania, Switzerland, and Serbia, and now Cyprus has as its main objective to offer lifelong learning programmes from kindergarten to university and beyond, all the way to retirement.

WEG is an integrated group of educational institutions comprising of professional and vocational programs, such as hospitality, retail, healthcare, entertainment, arts, sports management, and others. For this reason, winsedswiss forges partnerships with the most renowned institutions in their fields.

WEG provides a solid bridge between the market’s professional needs and its demands for qualified personnel, between the future desire of employees and those of employers to attain excellence in service. We offer our students answers and solutions so they can reach their highest professional goals and create new possibilities.

The company is a house of learning that builds the creative professionals of the future, modeling their talent from kindergarten to university and throughout their lives, by discovering, assessing, developing, and supporting everyone’s unique potential.

If our learners want to learn more, to develop more, they will have priority in accessing further education.

General Programme Overview

The Columbia Hotel Academy’s VET by EHL programmes follow EHL’s philosophy of balancing theory and application. That means that students will be stimulated by our trainers to think and synthesize knowledge, all in real-life setting classrooms, allowing them to apply theoretical knowledge whilst honing their skills. Having the possibility to make mistakes in a safe but realistic environment, before entering the industry as graduates, allows them to grow and excel later in their careers.



The objectives of the VET by EHL programme are as follows:

  • Develop the vocational competencies and knowledge required in the hotel and restaurant sectors of the hospitality industry.
  • Transmit and develop the skills, knowledge and know-how that will enable graduates to carry out a professional activity safely and competently.

VET by EHL Programme Overview

Professional Diploma


Professional Diploma


Professional Diploma


– Hotel Rooms Division
– Hotel Communication
– Hotel Administration

Each certificate level builds skills on top of the previous and culminates in a Professional Diploma.
Entry and exit is possible at any level of the certificate.

Entry at any certificate level is subject to admissions criteria of that level.

Culinary Programme

First-class culinary environments demand perseverance, professional proficiency, and interpersonal prowess. Columbia Hotel Academy’s selection of 6-, 12- and 18-month Culinary Programmes have been thoughtfully cultivated to provide its graduates with these exact key tools necessary to not only survive, but thrive in top-standard kitchens, in terms of both operation and management.

Blending knowledge-based with hands-on, skills-based learning, Columbia Hotel Academy’s recruits will – above all else – learn that at the heart of delivering exquisite culinary experiences is passion and pride, in oneself and one’s work.

Service Programme

The first smile, sincere greeting, warming reassurance, and heartfelt farewell, service within the hospitality sphere is the fountainhead from which all other guest experiences spring.

Perfecting the art of service is a lifelong endeavour, hard-earned but irrevocably rewarding. Supported by hands-on training at the landmark, five-star Columbia Beach Resort, Columbia Hotel Academy’s 6-, 12- and 18-month Service Programmes establish the tools, skills and experience required for our graduates to thereafter embark on not just an enduring career, but the fulfilment of a life’s calling.

Hotel Programme

A haven, a hideaway, a home-away-from-home: the rooms division within any hospitality sphere is so much more than what it seems. And at Columbia Hotel Academy, our visionary and determined recruits will quickly gauge a new understanding of the importance of delivering nothing short of perfection when it comes to front-office interactions, attentive and meticulous housekeeping, and wider administration practice.

Our blended 6-, 12- and 18-month programmes will facilitate the creation of professional personas that outgrow being able to simply react to situations, instead commanding and creating exceptional experiences for guests.