The Master Chef -Columbia Academy program for children aged 13-17 was created for children, with stimuli on the art of cooking as well as dietary preferences.

Its main goal was to teach the children how to cook properly and to change negative eating habits.

Children learned experientially through cooking, proper nutrition, balanced nutrition and proper weight management.

Children practiced :

• to cook, bake, knead, cut, mix

• to process the materials correctly

• the nutritional categories, breakfast – breakfast – lunch – afternoon – dinner

• their fine skills safely in the kitchen

• cooperation and communication

The program was conducted under the guidance of Clinical Dietitian Nutritionist Nicoletta Frangou and the Executive Chef Ioannis Giakoumidis

The children spent their time happily and creatively cooking various dishes, which they tasted at the end of each lesson.

The seminar ended with a pool party.