Boost Your Career with New Adult Education Programs!


Are you looking for opportunities for professional development and upgrading your skills? Our new educational programs for adults are the ideal solution for you!

Who we are:

We are pioneers in providing high quality education for professionals who want to grow and develop in their field. Our programs are multi-enterprise and provide a grant of over 75%.

Educational programme:

For the second half of 2024, we offer a wide range of subjects that cover the most modern and demanding needs of the labour market. Analytically:

Lifesaving: Training for professional lifeguards with practical exercises and certifications.

Internal Trainers: Improve your teaching skills and upgrade your training profile.

Safety and Health Committee Training: Specialized courses for the proper functioning and coordination of safety and health committees.

Internal Preventive Services: Training in best practices for preventing accidents and dangerous incidents.

Internal Inspectors ISO 9001:2015: Certified programs for the training of internal inspectors according to the international quality standards ISO 9001:2015.

Why Choose Us:

High Quality Education: With experienced instructors and modern teaching methods.

Grant: Over 75% of educational costs are covered, making our programs accessible to all.

Certifications: Obtain recognized certifications that will enhance your professional profile.

Flexibility: Programs tailored to the needs of professionals

Declaration of Participation:

Don’t miss the chance to join our top training programs! Registration for the second semester of 2024 is open. Reserve your position today and take the first step to a successful career path.

For more information and registration, contact us at the details below.

Telephone: 25268585