In Partnership with Lausanne

The Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and Columbia Hotel Academy join forces to offer unique professional diplomas in hotel management.

Ready-to-deliver hospitality training programmes

The Vocational Education & Training (VET) licensing programme enables our organization to implement ready-made Swiss hospitality training programmes, thereby addressing two of the biggest challenges that tourism-developing nations facetoday: training qualified staff and contributing to long-term employment growth in service

Swiss Recipe
for Success

The Swiss federally-recognized Vocational Education and Training (VET) system is one of Switzerland’s most popular forms of education for young people. Its best-in-class programmes use proven methods to ensure a high quality of training and employability for graduates.

A Balanced Approach

The VET programmes use a balanced learning approach that combines hands-on courses with blended learning courses (academic and online) to develop operational skills for the industry, and transferable skills for future professional growth and life-long learning.

Ready to Go

Using a traditional Swiss model for vocational hospitality education, our courses deliver using complete and correct curriculum, using videos and presentations.


The Columbia Hotel Academy by winsedswiss

Great things are to be expected when Swiss traditional quality and youthful enthusiasm come together in a partnership between winsedswiss education group (WEG) and Columbia Hotel Academy, under the license of VET by EHL.

Akin to its Ancient Greek namesake – the public garden where philosophers and students would unite in the pursuit of knowledge – Columbia Hotel Academy is an oasis of opportunity: a place and space for aspiring individuals to grow and reap the bountiful fruits of inspiration and dedication.

Here, nestled in the lush rolling hills of Pissouri – the Eden of Cyprus’ southern coast – Columbia Hotel Academy invites ambitious, determined, and dedicated professionals to engage in a lifelong pursuit of excellence with our expert trainers, in learning, embodying, and shaping the craft and art of hospitality with heart.


VET by EHL Programmes

Founded in 2021, Columbia Hotel Academy’s purpose is to provide a well-rounded education where students can acquire the necessary academic and practical knowledge vital to enter their profession and to acquire positions of authority. We propose accredited and certified fields of hotel studies, thus, offering students the opportunity of the acknowledgement of its diplomas necessary for employment within the hotel and catering industry. Today, we offer six, twelve and eighteen month programmes of study, including internships at the privately owned 5* Columbia Beach Resort. Here at Columbia Hotel Academy we operate our own campus with all the modern facilities to fulfil the necessary requirements of our programmes, as well as the needs of our students.





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Your Success is our Primary Goal

Our People

Columbia Hotel Academy is made up of a progressive and insightful collection of trainers, teachers and seasoned hoteliers, technically and creatively skilled to educate the hotel and catering professionals of the future. Our educational and theoretical approach lends itself to impactful and immersive learning experiences that will build the foundation to stellar careers within the hospitality industry. Our academy’s slogan is “Where education brings success” and our team take this extremely seriously; together we are all invested in our graduates’ future success. Our team passionately care about their work, their students, graduates and Academy team members. Here, everyone is treated with honesty and respect.


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Graduating from the F&B Service programme provided by the Columbia Hotel Academy and OHMA / EHL was an incredible experience. The education I received was top-notch, and the skills I acquired have prepared me for a successful career in the industry. I am grateful for the support of the Academy Trainers and team, and I’m extremely proud to be a graduate of this prestigious programme.

Renaldo Plaka


My educational experience with Columbia Hotel Academy by EHL was excellent; enriching my knowledge both on a theoretical and a practical level. Our trainers were always by our side, sharing valuable information and their vast experience with us,  preparing us to enter the job market with the correct skills. The F&B Service programme has fully prepared us for a career in hospitality – an industry that is constantly evolving, and needs flexible professionals with the necessary knowledge to constantly improve the customer experience.

Anastasia Mavridou


I started the Culinary programme at Columbia Hotel Academy by EHL in November 2022. The programme provided me with valuable knowledge on theory cooking, cooking techniques, leadership lessons and many more while at the same time, I implemented this knowledge at Columbia Beach Resort as Chef De Partie at Bacchus Restaurant. Columbia Beach Resort is a great workplace for me where I can develop new skills whilst simultaneously sharing my vision with my colleagues.

This programme was a great opportunity to set higher goals for my professional future at Columbia.

Stylianos Antoniou

It has been an amazing journey with Columbia Hotel Academy by EHL, studying under hospitality professionals. I have gained a deep understanding of the various aspects of hospitality, valuable knowledge, experience and skills that have prepared me well for a bright career in the hospitality industry.

Olga Buliga


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With roots growing back some four decades, the Columbia Group’s robust presence across shipping and various facets of hospitality has ensured that our name has become synonymous with inspiration and innovation. A pioneering powerhouse that channels its focus towards the creation of not just business entities, but forces of culture and creation, the Columbia Group continues with a strategy of measured and mindful expansion in tandem with ever strengthening the foundations of its brand.

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